Business Curious

Welcome to Greater Bridgeport SCORE. Are You “Business Curious”? 

What does “Business Curious” mean?
• You’ve come up with what you think is a cool idea for a business.  
• But, what do you do with that idea?  
• How do you find out if the idea is a viable concept?  
• What are the next steps you need to take to find out if this idea has a chance at becoming a reality?
• You have never been in business for yourself before.  What do you do next?
If these are a few of the questions you have in mind, then you are “Business Curious”!  And, Greater Bridgeport SCORE is a great place to start finding the answers to these questions.
Step 1: Look for resources on our web site. There are online videos and courses covering small business topics available in SCORE University. There are also has a wide variety of documents, templates and handbooks to download or view in SCORE University's library
Step 2: Sign up for one of our small business workshops.  SCORE offers a wealth of workshops and seminars to help the business curious entrepreneur. These workshops are presented live at convenient locations throughout the Greater Bridgeport Connecticut area.

SCORE University for Entrepreneurs

Greater Bridgeport SCORE University offers a wide range of online courses helpful to small business entrepreneurs. The courses range from short videos to full length courses designed for small business owners to learn important business subjects quickly and easily.

We want to provide you with learning for the life of your business.

Please go to, sign up and get online help you start or build your business.


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